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Program Areas

The council's program areas are detailed below:

Juvenile Information Systems






Court Case Management System (JCATS)

In June 1993, the Council began a contractual partnership with Canyon Solutions of Chandler, Arizona to develop a juvenile case management system known as JCATS.  Since that time, JCATS has evolved to a multi platform program capable of serving the needs of the smallest to the largest of Georgia's counties.  The Council offers a Windows version of JCATS free of charge to any Georgia Juvenile Court.  Several counties have upgraded to a web based version.  Although the Council does not mandate any specific case management system, JCATS counties represent more than 50% of annually reported juvenile court cases.  The Council is currently developing a state based data repository which will eventually include data from all counties.  Further information about JCATS can be obtained by contacting Canyon Solutions directly:  For specific information about JCATS in Georgia, please contact Council staff member Benita Brown for information.

Purchase of Services for Juvenile Offenders









The Purchase of Services for Juvenile Offenders Program provides state funds to reimburse county governments for limited community-based services that provide alternatives to institutional treatment.

The funds are state dollars provided through a legislative appropriation to the Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia .

Funds were made available through the Purchase of Services Program are used to enhance court services through court-sponsored diagnostic testing and drug screenings, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, and community service and restitution programs.

Delinquent offenders who were within the court's jurisdiction, but have not yet been committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice, are the target group for these services. Services made available only for delinquent juveniles whose charges have been informally adjusted or for juveniles who are on probation.

The purpose of this grant is to reduce formal court involvement, recidivism rates, and the incarceration rates of delinquent offenders. Funds are available on a reimbursement basis and can only be expended in the service areas, and within the monetary limits, specified.

Contact Benita Brown at the Council for information.

Judical Citizens' Review Panel Program








Judicial Citizens' Review Panel staff provide training, support and technical assistance to juvenile court judges and judicial citizen review panels.

During fiscal year 2014, JCRP staff assisted with approximately 205 citizen panels in 65 counties. Case reviews are carried out by judicial citizen review panels in accordance with OCGA 15-11-217. The goal of a judicial citizen review panel is to review compliance with the court ordered case plans designed to achieve permanency for each child in foster care with reunification with the parents as the primary goal. If reunification is not an option, the panels work with the Department of Family and Children Services, the court, and other agencies to identify other permanency options. Approximately 1,200+ citizen volunteers served on panels statewide during the past year. Panel members are appointed by their local juvenile court judge and trained by CJCJ staff. There are currently nine JCRP field representatives who provide technical assistance to the local judicial citizen review panels in each county.

During the past few months, two additional counties have added panels. If any county is interested in discussing the possibility of having panels, please contact Robert Bassett at the Council's office.