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POSITION (submissions close on July 10, 2017)

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Assistant State Coordinator


The state Assistant JDAI Coordinator is responsible for providing technical assistance, assisting with JDAI statewide expansion, advocating for the principles of JDAI, and providing administrative support.


The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) was developed in response to national trends reflecting a drastic increase in the use of secure detention for juveniles, and the resulting overcrowding of youth detention centers nationwide. The goal of this systems-change initiative is to create more effective and efficient processes surrounding the use of detention, and by doing so, to reduce detention populations while ensuring public safety and court appearance rates. To help jurisdictions accomplish this goal, JDAI provides a framework for conducting a thorough, data-driven examination of the use of secure detention, and for using that information to develop and implement strategies for system improvement. The JDAI model focuses on eight core strategies:

  1. Interagency collaboration to improve planning and coordination;
  2. Use of data, including results tracking to drive policy and program decisions;
  3. Reliance on objective criteria and instruments to guide admission and sanctioning decisions;
  4. New or enhanced community based alternatives to secure detention;
  5. Expedited case processing to reduce lengths of stay and speed the administration of justice;
  6. Practices and policies to eliminate structural and personal biases that produce racial disparities;
  7. Routine facility inspections to improve conditions of confinement; and
  8. Innovations to reduce secure custody in “special” detention cases (e.g. violations of probation)

Successful implementation of these strategies is expected to reduce admissions, reduce lengths of stay, shorten case processing times, and increase utilization of non-secure community based programs.  These improvements would in turn result in reduced racial disparities and reduced daily populations in secure detention without increases in either re-arrest or failure to appear rates.


Reports to:  JDAI State Coordinator – State of Georgia


Primary responsibilities include the following:

Prinicpal Responsibility A

Conduct up-front, intensive data collection and analysis via the one-day detention alternative snapshots (and additional, supplementary methods as needed), which will identify starting points for local reform efforts. Establish ongoing mechanisms for collecting, reporting, and reviewing data needed to support each of the core strategies, and to thereby limit the need for such one-time/specialized data collection efforts.


  1. Implement research plans and methodologies; develop and maintain appropriate databases; collect, code and enter comprehensive data of designated Georgia sites.
  2. Assist in conducting critical analyses of site’s juvenile justice system data; draw conclusions regarding the use, efficiency, and effectiveness of the local site systems; prepare analytical reports; present and explain results.
  3. Assist in monitoring the progress of JDAI by building local capacity for collecting, analyzing, reporting, and reviewing evaluative data by instructing and training local site coordinators and stakeholders in these processes.

Principal Responsibility B

Become an expert in the purpose and use of secure detention and detention alternatives, as well as in the principles and language of juvenile detention reform.  Learn to understand and anticipate the barriers to reform.


  1. Participate in coordinator training, job shadow, and coach up activities.
  2. Attend JDAI model site visits.
  3. Attend annual JDAI Inter-Site conference.

Principal Responsibility C

Provide onsite technical assistance to 2 to 3 sites implementing JDAI.


  1. Assist local JDAI Coordinators in the implementation of the eight core JDAI strategies.
  2. Provide, coordinate, and schedule technical assistance for local JDAI sites.
  3. Convene and coordinate state level, local level, and joint JDAI site meetings.
  4. Provide statewide data and other information to local JDAI sites.
  5. Coordinate model site visits, conference travel, and other travel as necessary for local JDAI sites.
  6. Coordinate the development of common materials and instruments were applicable.
  7. Identify detention alternatives and detention reform best practices.
  8. Participate in regular, ongoing, and annual site visits and progress evaluations in partnership with the State Coordinator.

Principal Responsibility D

Assist with the expansion of the JDAI model in the state of Georgia.


  1. Build interest and momentum among prospective local JDAI sites and other key stakeholders.
  2. Assist in the orientation process of new sites.
  3. Participate in local JDAI steering committee and subcommittee meetings
  4. Monitor progress and track JDAI milestone development in local JDAI sites
  5. Train and educate local staff and juvenile justice personnel in the principles of JDAI.

Principal Responsibility E

Provide Administrative support.


  1. Complete written reports and presentations as necessary.
  2. Assist in staffing state JDAI State Steering Committee meetings.
  3. Assist in staffing JDAI coordinators meetings.

Principal Responsibility F

Advocate on behalf of the state and local initiatives among multiple stakeholders.


  1. Build interest and momentum among local JDAI sites and other key stakeholders.
  2. Educate the public and other stakeholders regarding DMC and detention reform.

REQUIREMENTS: Successful candidates will have the following experience and qualities:       

      • Bachelor’s degree and equivalent experience
      •  Juvenile justice or criminal justice experience
      • Advocacy or policy development experience
      • One or more year of managing projects, programs and/or large initiatives
      • Advanced analytical, writing and verbal presentation skills
      • Ability to organize tasks, manage time, and prioritize projects
      • Ability to work collaboratively and respectfully with a variety of people and groups from different backgrounds
      • Ability to travel statewide as well as nationally (50-75%)
      • Ability to participate in occasional evening meetings


Commensurate with experience.


Resumes must be received or timestamped by July 10, 2017, via email to:  Please specify “JDAI Assistant State Coordinator” in the subject of your email.

Whitney D. Dickens
JDAI State Coordinator