Council Profile

The Council of Juvenile Court Judges is composed of all judges of the courts exercising jurisdiction over juveniles. Council membership for Fiscal Year 2019 includes 155 members: 68 Full-Time Juvenile Courts Judges, 26 Part-Time Juvenile Court Judges; 11 Full-Time Associate Juvenile Court Judges and 9 Part-Time Associate Juvenile Court Judges; 16 Pro Tempore Judges, 4 Superior Court Judges exercising Juvenile Court Jurisdiction; and 21 Senior Judges. (This info is as of 09/05/2018)

Mission Statement

The Council Staff provides support to juvenile courts through legal research services, legislative tracking, and specialized programs to assist in protecting the best interests of children and the state. Council policies are set by the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past-President; and the Executive Council which comprises a District Representative from across the state. There are 10 standing committees -- Accountability Courts, Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (BHADD), Benchbook/Uniform Rules, Children in Need of Services (CHINS), Delinquency, Education/Certification, Legislative, Dependency, Resource Development (Grants), and Technology. These committees make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

Judge Philip Spivey

Judge Juliette Wilshire Scales

Judge Lisa C. Jones

Judge C. Gregory Price

Judge Render Heard

Immediate Past-President
Judge James R. Whitfield

Judicial District Representatives ~

  • District 1 - Judge LeRoy Burke, III
  • District 2 - Judge Joshua Bell
  • District 3 - Judge Deborah Edwards
  • District 4 - Judge Maureen Wood
  • District 5 - Judge Phillip Jackson
  • District 6 - Judge Bobby Simmons
  • District 7 - Judge Michelle Harrison
  • District 8 - Judge Stephanie Burton
  • District 9 - Judge Jan Wheeler
  • District 10 - Judge Sheri Roberts